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Here at Te Henga we have a pure strain of Elk that has been bred on our dedicated elk property for over 20 years. We also offer fantastic hunting of Red and Fallow Deer.


Our Species



The liberation of North American Elk to New Zealand took place in 1905,
a gift to the New Zealand Government by the American President Theodore Roosevelt. They were placed in the inhospitable Fiordland National Park, in the southwestern corner of the South Island. The Rocky Mountain Elk or Wapiti adapted readily to their new environment and in the early years grew antlers approaching the best that their North American forebears produced. Unfortunately, the herd expansion was halted by the topography and the fast encroaching Red deer herds.

Here at Te Henga we have a pure strain of Elk that has been bred on our dedicated elk property for over 20 years, with the culling of any red deer on the property the elk bloodline has given a top quality herd. We have seen some exceptional trophies been taken by past clients and are seeing a good number of mature bulls coming through each year. Our trophy policy is to only take 2 to 3 mature bulls each year giving younger bulls the chance to reach full maturity and growing to their greatest trophy potential.

Our Elk property is a 2200 acre property which is run alongside a semi intensive sheep, cattle and deer farming operation. A mixture of grassland and scattered bush with some larger forested areas can make locating bulls a challenge but the thrill of pulling a bugling bull out of the timber will only add to the excitement of the hunt. The topography of the hunting block is medium to steep hill country so an adequate level of fitness is an added benefit to being successful but not necessary. Our usual hunting method of staying high and glassing until a bull is located before closing in can also present long shots so an adequate shooting ability is critical in the success of securing that bull of a life time.

Red Deer

Red deer were indroduced to New Zealand in the 1850s by European settlers are now the most common of any other deer species. With no natural predators the red deer population exploded and thrived in all New Zealand’s habitats. New Zealand is considered the premium destination in the world for hunting red stag, with a mixture of exceptional genetics and quality feed requirements in the velvet growing season it enables mature red stags to meet quality trophy potential.

Our red deer property is tucked under the cusp of the Ruahine ranges, a 2200 acre property run alongside a sheep and beef operation is a truly exceptional property. With a rolling to some steep topography and large bush areas where the deer reside to during the day then feed out onto the grassland in late evening until early morning. An exceptional quality herd has been established on this property with stags that have poor antler genetics culled. From mid-February to mid-march it is common to see mature stags mobbed up with other stags out feeding on the grass to grow the last of their velvet. From late march until mid-April is considered the peak of the rut. This is considered by some as the pinnacle of hunting, getting close to a roaring red stag is a truly blood pumping experience. With higher numbers on this property we allow 4-5 mature red stags to be taken a year.


Our fallow property of 1600 acre is run alongside a sheep and beef operation, this rolling to medium contour property is set in the pristine Moawhango valley. With bush covered valleys and excellent feed habitats it is a perfect mix for fallow deer. We allow 2 -3 fallow bucks a year to be taken.

Te Henga Hunting NZ


Te Henga Hunting NZ

Red Deer

Te Henga Hunting NZ

Fallow Deer

Hunting Information


Weather conditions vary from fine frosty weather to heavy rain and occasional snow. Good quality warm, comfortable and waterproof clothing and boots are required.


We recommend you arrive at Auckland International Airport and transfer to a domestic flight to Palmerston North or Wanganui. We will pick you up from there for the 2 hour journey to the lodge.

Hunting Time

All hunts are 3 days, Palmerston north/Wangaui airport is only an hour and a half drive from our hunting blocks so we can be hunting that evening following 3 full days of hunting.


All trophies expedited by Top Taxidermist who can either complete your trophy mount or expedite to your home for local taxidermy.
Note: Taxidermy and Other Activity costs are extra and we can advise you of all costs.

Booking Conditions

25% of trophy fee on booking
Balance of payment at hunt conclusion
Payment: Cash, Bank Cheque, Visa

Hunting Conditions

A reasonable standard of fitness is required. The terrain is generally steep hill country and can be challenging when tracking down rutting stags in the peak of the rut.


Recommended cartridges from 6.5 to .338.
Range facilities are available.
Rifles are available on request.
Note: If you wish to bring your own rifle you must apply for a permit no less than 14 days before you arrive in NZ. A permit can be obtained from www.police.govt.nz/advice/firearms-and-safety/visitor-firearms-licence-and-import-permits. Once this is sourced you will need to provide finer details from us here at Te Henga to complete the form.


We recommend you obtain:
a) Travel and Medical Insurance
b) Cancellation Insurance
c) Trophy Insurance